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We bring experienced, NABCEP Certified design and consulting services to support industry professionals in the Solar and Energy Storage markets.

All of our designers are NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers™ so you know that your systems are engineered to all prevailing requirements that apply to solar installations, including: NEC, UL, local AHJ's, utility, product configuration, site constraints, customer, professional engineering, and any applicable financing requirements

We participate in several major trade shows (like Solar Power International and InterSolar), and seminars SolarABC's, CalSEIA, Bill Brooks, etc. so that we stay up-to-date with the latest-and-greatest technologies, codes, and workmanship practices.

System Design

Benefit from our Experience
As of July 1, 2016, we have completed the following projects…


Founder - Joshua Weiner

Joshua Weiner is our Founder and President. He has been active in the solar industry since 2005 and is dedicated to renewable energy integration from a solutions perspective.

Joshua personally provides technical consulting services to support a wide range of industry stakeholders, including:

  • Product Developers

    Energy storage systems, cash flow analysis, sales model & pro forma development, balance of system components, market research, business development, technical design tools & automation.
  • System Integrators & EPC's

    Business operations development, design and pre-design strategy, RFP response, etc.
  • Third Party Owners, Financiers, and Investors

    Technical due diligence, new products, new programs, cost analysis, new ventures development, RFP development, vendor / partner due diligence and onboarding, etc.

Our Design Team

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